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Wisconsin hospitals are committed to sharing information about the quality and safety of the health care services that they deliver in their communities. The hospitals reporting to CheckPoint provide care to more than 99 percent of the state's patient population.

CheckPoint provides reliable information for decision making by consumers, purchasers and health care providers.


The mission of CheckPoint is to develop consumer-focused initiatives that will provide reliable, valid measures of health care in Wisconsin to aid the selection of quality health care and quality improvement activities within the hospital field.


CheckPoint provides information to:

  • Purchasers on the quality of care provided by hospitals
  • Consumers to help them choose a hospital
  • Hospitals for quality improvement

Guiding Principles of the Reporting System

The information in CheckPoint should be:

  • Composed of available, evidence-based measures
  • Comparable across similar hospitals
  • Capable of benchmarking
  • Available in a timely manner
  • Capable of instilling confidence in consumers through the ethical distribution of reliable and valid data
  • Readily accessible to consumers for selection purposes
  • Available to Wisconsin hospitals for quality improvement activities

The system should be:

  • Cost effective
  • Voluntary and non-punitive

Next Steps

To guide development of this information set, WHA supports the Wisconsin Quality Steering Committee which includes purchasers, researchers, consumers, and health care providers. The committee envisions that the program will be:

  • Recognized as a national leader and model
  • The vehicle to implement complete information to meet many needs
  • A stimulus for improvement in care
  • The resource of choice for reliable, valid information
  • An educational tool for the public

Additional quality measures and consumer focused educational information will be added to the CheckPoint program over time.

The Advantages to Consumers, Employers and the Public:

  • Enhance consumer choice by helping to identify high quality providers
  • Assist employers in designing benefits that incorporate quality measures
  • Promote research-based care to the public
  • Raise the quality of care provided through competition and selection of providers
  • Control growth of administrative resources, and
  • Minimize conflicting or misleading quality information by providing a trusted source of information.

WHA is interested in receiving input from purchasers, providers, consumers and other interested parties. If you have ideas that you would like to share with WHA on this program, contact Kelly Court kcourt@wha.org or call 608-274-1820.

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